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Bags have been a popular item for T-Mobile’s “Tuesdays” program, and it appears another is on the way.  T-Mobile has gone just three months since thermal bags were given out in stores in April, a seemingly annual occurrence.  This time around, T-Mobile will be delivering on a new design called a “tote” that is worth a look.

T-Mobile is taking a beach theme with the promotional item, as shared in this document posted on Reddit.  The bag is branded as a ‘beach cooler tote’ to welcome in summer, getting customers into the doors of their local T-Mobile stores to get their hands on one.

These totes, however, sport distinctive differences from the thermal bags released previously.  Based on an image shared with us at The Mobile Report, shown below, the tote sports a thin mesh upper section and a handle to bring the straps together for comfort while carrying.  The front section, which carries the “T-Mobile Tuesdays” logo, also appears to double as a simple pocket.  Finally, T-Mobile can’t help themselves with a thermal element in their bags, which returns as a zipper pouch on the bottom.

The tote’s effective features make it a quality beach choice.  First, the netting for the main section can keep sand, dirt, and water from collecting in the bag area.  The comfort grip also attaches the straps together, at times an easy way to keep the bag contents secure.  Your heaviest items will likely need the thermal area. Since it is on the bottom, it will keep the tote level and upright when carried or placed down.  A subtle, but effective, design choice.

The estimated date for when you can pick up yours at a local T-Mobile store is July 18th.  Leave a comment below on your thoughts of this new tote!  Have the T-Mobile Tuesdays app ready on your phone when you go to redeem the deal, or check out any other offers the app provides.

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