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t-mobile bag

Everyone loves T-Mobile Tuesdays freebies, and next week’s offer is no exception. According to sources, T-Mobile will once again offer a free reusable thermal bag in stores on April 18th.

A document and images shared with us here at The Mobile Report confirm that T-Mobile will offer free reusable thermal bags on Tuesday April 18th.

The bags were first seen back in 2021, and were black with a magenta logo. This time around, the colors are reversed, and the primary color of the bag is magenta. The inside of the bag is thermally insulated, and the bag features a zipper along the top to keep the bag closed.

The bags are the larger variant, just like the originals. A year ago, T-Mobile offered similar bags, however they were smaller “lunch tote” size. It seems this is the third April in a row that reusable thermal bags of some sort have been offered.

The bags will be available for all T-Mobile Tuesdays customers on April 18th. You can download the app from your phone’s relevant app store.

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