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Update 4/20: T-Mobile has confirmed the Go5G plans. See our article here for more information.

Update 4/19: T-Mobile has announced an Uncarrier event for Thursday, April 20th. The event is accompanied by a “Let’s Go” branding, all but confirming the new plan changes.

The event is scheduled for 9AM PT (12:00 noon ET) on 4/20 (“the perfect day to smoke the competition”) and is set to feature both CEO Mike Sievert and President of Marketing Mike Katz. It can be watched on the Uncarrier website or likely on YouTube as well.

Original article below.

T-Mobile’s “Magenta” plans launched back in June of 2019. They replaced the previous “ONE” plans and served as sort of a branding change for the company. They rebranded Magenta Plus to Magenta MAX two years later. It now appears T-Mobile is once again changing up their main plans to a new “Go5G” branding, and Magenta plans will become legacy grandfathered plans.

According to multiple sources, T-Mobile will soon launch new plans to replace the Magenta plans. The new name for these plans will be “Go5G”.

The branding will cover all the company’s plan types. There will be the base “Go5G” plan, likely to be equivalent to the standard Magenta plan, and Go5G Plus, presumably matching Magenta MAX.

Go5G Business and Go5G Business Plus are also going to be a thing, as well as Go5G Military and likely Go5G First Responder too.

There’s currently no wording on what the pricing will look like. Back when the Magenta plans replaced the ONE plans, pricing remained the same between the change. It’s possible the same will happen this time around too.

One source speculates the new plans may include more international features, though there is no confirmation of that at this time. It’s also possible these new plans might not include taxes and fees, as that has been a rumor for a while, but again that’s pure speculation for now.

We also have no idea what other changes may be made between Magenta and Go5G. There were some changes between ONE and Magenta, as shown by this great guide created by community member InvincibleSugar, but for the most part the plans were almost identical.

There’s also apparently an “Essentials Savings” plan, suggesting T-Mobile might be launching their first plan without 5G, but that’s probably not the case. It’s more likely that the Go5G name is simply a branding change and this plan will be equivalent to the little-known Essentials or Base Essentials plan, because adding plans without 5G this late in the game would be odd. T-Mobile also has more 5G spectrum than LTE at this point, so it would make sense to allow 5G for all customers.

We’re confident in this rumor due to having multiple sources, but so far no documentation has been released about the news, including internally. Therefore we do still consider this an unconfirmed rumor.

A company-wide meeting is scheduled for the morning of Sunday, April 23rd. It is assumed that is when the company will announce the new plans, so keep an eye out here at The Mobile Report for info when we learn more.

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