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T-Mobile has announced new plan changes to its existing Magenta and Magenta Plus plans. They’ve also announced a new promo for customers switching from AT&T and Verizon.

Magenta Plan Changes

New Plan Details

The current Magenta plan is being upgraded. Customers on this plan will now have a 100GB “Premium Data” allotment, which is essentially the deprioritization cap. Mobile hotspot is also increasing from 3GB to 5GB. There will also be an optional $15 “MAXUp” add-on per line that will perform the same function as the PlusUp add-on, giving individual lines the MAX benefits.

The Magenta Plus plan is being replaced with the all new Magenta Max plan. This plan will have unlimited “Premium Data”, which means no deprioritization cap. These plans will also get “Up to” 4K UHD streaming. Currently, the Magenta Plus plan limits streaming to about 1080p HD streaming. Netflix is also included: Netflix Basic for single-line plans and Netflix Standard for family plans. This marks the first time any single-line plans have been able to get the free Netflix benefit.

Customers may choose to upgrade their existing Magenta and Magenta Plus plans to the new Magenta and Magenta Max plans. If they do, they will keep their existing account and line promos, according to T-Mobile. We have an internal promo screenshot that details eligible transferrable promos.

Internal Promo Transfer Eligibility

The internal document shows that both free/discounted lines added after 6/2/2019 and the Insider Hookup will transfer. This means those popular free lines from 2020 will move with you to the new plan if you decide to switch. The Insider Hookup promo will also transfer, even from the ONE plan. The only sticking point for ONE customers is if they have kickback, as that will not transfer to the new magenta plans.

The new plans start February 24th. Standard pricing with 3 lines on Magenta will be $47 per line per month and Magenta Max will be $57 per line per month, however for a limited time pricing will be $40 per line per month on Magenta and $47 per line per month on Magenta Max. The “limited time” promo here is the same third line free promo that the current plans have, so it seems these new plans will indeed overall match the same prices as the current plans.

Zero Cost to Switch Promo

Also announced was a new promo for customers switching from AT&T or Verizon. The new Zero Cost to Switch promo will allow customers from those two competitors to keep their eligible phones when they switch, plus have T-Mobile pay off the balance of each of those phones (up to $650 each) via a prepaid virtual debit card. T-Mobile also states that they will waive “costs associated with switching” which appears to include the $10 sim card fee and $20 assisted support fee. This offer launches 2/24.

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