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T-Mobile held an “Uncarrier” event today and announced new plans and promos designed to entice AT&T and Verizon customers to join team magenta.

As we previously reported, the new plans are called “Go5G” and “Go5G Plus”, along with variants for Military, 55+, and First Responder plans. There are also Go5G plans for “Beyond the Smartphone” devices such as smart watches and tablets.

Businesses get in on the action too, as there will be business versions of the Go5G plans as well.

The “Essential Savings” plan was also confirmed, and is a limited time deal.

We also reported that these new plans would likely replace the Magenta plans. That appears it may not be the case, and these new plans will exist alongside the Magenta plans for now. That being said, it appears T-Mobile will only be offering new Magenta and Magenta MAX sign-ups online, and stores will only be offering the new Go5G plans. It’s very possible the company plans to slowly phase the Magenta plans out over time.

Phone Freedom

T-Mobile’s new “Go5G” and “Go5G Plus” plans include what they are calling “Phone Freedom”. This is a set of perks that allows customers to do what they want, when they want, with their phones.

The new “Go5G” plans are part of this Phone Freedom initiative. T-Mobile specifically focuses on the more premium “Go5G Plus” plan because it is the only plan that includes the guarantee that new and existing customers will always have the same phone promotions.

The Plus variant includes “New in Two”, which guarantees that customers can upgrade their phones in 2 years. The standard Go5G and the Essentials variants do not include this feature.

The Go5G plans also increase hotspot data and Mexico/Canada high-speed data over their Magenta counterparts. Go5G Plus offers 50GB of hotspot data and 15GB of Mexico/Canada data, while Go5G offers 15GB of hotspot and 10GB of Mexico/Canada data.

“Easy Unlock” is an offer where T-Mobile will take a customer’s carrier-locked phone from AT&T or Verizon and give you a new and upgraded device for free (with some catches). The values of these trades varies depending on the device, as is typical of phone promotions. T-Mobile will also pay off the locked phone you’re trading in.

Finally, there’s the “Go Back Guarantee”. If you switch to a new Go5G plan and aren’t happy, T-Mobile will pay up to $50 per line to assist you in returning to your previous carrier. The guarantee is only available during the first month of your new T-Mobile service.

Plan Pricing

These new plans are slightly higher in price compared to Magenta plans. 3 lines of voice service would cost you $120 per month on Magenta and $140 per month on Magenta MAX. The new Go5G plan works out to $130 per month for those 3 lines and $150 per month for Go5G Plus. That’s a $10 increase over the Magenta equivalents. All of these prices include the “third line free” promotion.

The base Go5G plan will also offer a “Go5G PlusUp” add-on for individual lines that want the Plus benefits.

There’s also the new “Essential Savings” plan. This plan is apparently a limited time offer. It costs $10 less than the current Essentials plan, coming in at $90 per month for 3 lines. Currently, the Essentials plan offered by T-Mobile also shows $90 per month on their website, so you basically get the added perks of the newer plan for the same price.

Below is a table comparing the prices of the 3 new plans.

There’s also this internal document shared with us here at The Mobile Report, shown below, detailing the view employees see. The pricing for the Essential Savings plan doesn’t match up with the prices in the customer-facing document, so it’s possible the employee document doesn’t include the limited-time savings. Essential Savings may become a permanent plan, but the bonus savings are what’s limited time.

In addition, the new plans include taxes and fees, just like the previous Magenta plans. They also are covered by T-Mobile’s “Price Lock” guarantee. Both of these were concerns many users had about the new plans.

T-Mobile is launching the new Go5G Plus plan alongside an exclusive promotion. Customers on this plan can get an iPhone 14 “On Us” or a Samsung Galaxy S23 device “On Us”. In a very carrier-like move, it appears Magenta MAX customers are not eligible for this promotion. We’ll have more info on this promotion in another post soon. It’s yet to be seen if this trend carries forward with future phone promotions.

The new plans begin on April 23rd in-store and online.

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