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tmobile tuesdays thermal bag

It’s been a while since we’ve had free physical items in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, the last being a blanket back in October. It appears that drought will be over soon, as a new freebie has begun showing up at stores in preparation for a future Tuesday deal.

As shared via a tip to The T-Mo Report, “Reusable Thermal Lunch Totes” have begun showing up in stores across the country.

The bags are 30cm wide and 37cm tall, or about 12 inches by 14.5 inches. They’re also insulated to keep foods hot or cold, and feature a “hook and loop” fastener across the top to keep the bag closed. The bags have a black fabric with a pattern, black carrying handles, and magenta stripes on the left and right sides of the bag. There’s also the iconic T-Mobile ‘T’ logo front and center.

T-Mobile has given away these bags before, though the design was a bit different. Almost exactly a year ago, on April 20th, a nearly identical thermal bag was given away via T-Mobile Tuesdays. That bag had a different design with pink straps and a zipper instead of a hook and loop fastener. It was quite a popular item at the time. T-Mobile gave away a thermal bag back in 2018 as well, again with a slightly different design.

It’s likely the new thermal bags will be made available on Tuesday, April 19th. All postpaid and most prepaid customers can get their own via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on that day.

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