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The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint took place in April 2020, and at the time T-Mobile agreed to maintain existing customer plans or pricing for 5 years as part of a joint agreement with 11 states and DC. This means that T-Mobile must either maintain existing plans at existing prices or offer plans of better value and price to replace those plans. That requirement covered both existing Sprint customers as well as existing T-Mobile customers. Unfortunately, it seems plan features aren’t included in that agreement. T-Mobile is now planning to force JUMP! 1.0 customers onto JUMP! 2.0.

As first shared on Reddit and independently confirmed via internal documents shared with us here at The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile is planning to force legacy JUMP! 1.0 customers onto the currently available JUMP! 2.0 program. T-Mobile has also published a public notice in their support pages confirming the information.

The JUMP! program was first introduced way back in 2013, and allowed customers to upgrade their device up to two times per calendar year. The customer could trade in their device for a new one without having to pay off the balance first. The plan was very popular among T-Mobile customers at the time and is still one of the most prized grandfathered features to this day.

In 2016, T-Mobile changed the JUMP! program. This new version, JUMP! 2.0, required customers to have paid off at least 50% of the device cost before allowing them to trade in for a new device. The original JUMP! 1.0 did not have a minimum amount required to be paid before jumping.

The document also states that customers on JUMP! 1.0 can use their benefit one more time before the October 6th end date, even if those customers have already used up their 2 jumps for the year. After that date, all JUMP! 1.0 customers will be moved to the JUMP! 2.0 program.

It’s unlikely that ending the JUMP! 1.0 program violates the agreement T-Mobile made during the merger, but at the very least it violates the spirit of the agreement. The forced migration to JUMP! 2.0 is very likely to anger many customers who are grandfathered in with that feature.

The migration from JUMP! 1.0 to 2.0 is scheduled to take place on October 6th of this year.

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