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The Pixel Fold was announced back in May alongside the budget-friendly(ish) Pixel 7a. T-Mobile shared a deal for the 7a at that time, promising the Pixel Fold would soon be available as well. That time is now, as the company has officially opened up preorders for the $1800 Google Pixel Fold, and there are a few deals to go along with it.

Featuring the same Tensor G2 chip found in the Pixel 7 line and a healthy 12GB of RAM, the Pixel Fold is Google’s first official attempt at a foldable device of any kind. Even Motorola has a few years of foldable device experience by now, and Samsung is of course far ahead with their Fold 5 and Flip 5 devices set to launch very soon. Google apparently had help from Samsung in some of the design decisions around the Pixel Fold, but they might have a lot to learn before their foldable devices are taken seriously, especially at such high pricing.

Starting today, customers can preorder the new Google Pixel Fold from T-Mobile. The company is offering up to $1000 off the device if you add a line or trade in a device. The catch, as usual, is that you’ll need to be on one of their most premium Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX plans to get the best values.

$1000 Off When You Add A Line

Customers who have or switch to a Go5G Plus plan (or have a Magenta MAX plans) on T-Mobile can add a line to their account and purchase the new Pixel Fold on installment to get $1000 off (via 24 months of monthly bill credits).

When adding the new line, simply choose to buy a device on that line and finance it over 2 years. The discount should apply automatically, and once billing begins, you’ll pay about $33.34 per month for the phone. For comparison, the phone would normally be $75 per month without the discount if purchased on installment.

If you’re on another plan, you won’t be able to take advantage of the add-a-line discount, but you might be able to get a bit of one by trading in a device.

Up To $1000 Off When You Trade In An Eligible Device

The other Google Pixel Fold promotion T-Mobile is offering is with trade-in of an eligible device.

Customers on Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX get the best values: either $500 or $1000 off, depending on the trade-in device. The full values for eligible devices are listed below.

Customers on other plans typically get about half of the values above. So, if you trade in a device on the $500 list you could get $250, and one on the $1000 list could get you $500. That being said, we have yet to see confirmation that customers on plans other than Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX will be able to do that this time around, so your mileage may vary.

If you’re interested in buying the new Google Pixel Fold from T-Mobile, you can do so in-store, on the T-Mobile app, or online on the T-Mobile website.

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