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Google formally announced their new Pixel 7a on Wednesday: A feature-packed Google phone with a Tensor G2 processor identical to their flagship Pixel 7 phone that starts at $499. T-Mobile is offering the device as well, and customers on some plans can get one for free.

The Google Pixel 7a is one of the few devices capable of supporting T-Mobile’s “three-carrier aggregation”, which combines three channels of mid-band spectrum to offer super fast connection speeds.

Customers on the new Go5G or Go5G Plus plans can get a free Pixel 7a when they add a line or trade in an eligible device. As is the norm for T-Mobile now, the best offers are on their new plans, although this time around at least the base Go5G plan is also eligible.

Here are the trade-in values for the Pixel 7a on T-Mobile:

Customers that purchase the Pixel 7a are also eligible for a free set of Google Pixel Buds A-Series too.

T-Mobile also says in their news post that the company will soon offer the new Google Pixel Fold as well, presumably closer to its launch on June 27th.

Customers interested in this offer can order a Pixel 7a online or via support/in store now. Keep in mind you must either be on or switch to Go5G or Go5G Plus to redeem the full offer.

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