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The term “international call” used to be scary. Calling a phone number outside of the United States is more expensive than calling a local one, because of obvious reasons. Luckily, as the years have gone by, they’ve become cheaper, to the point a call lasting a few minutes won’t make your cell phone bill considerably heavier. Now, T-Mobile is making calls to certain countries cheaper, as long as you’re calling a number from the handful of countries that are just south of us.

If you have the Stateside International add-on, calls to numbers in Central American and South American countries will now be cheaper. Calls to a number of Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, or Brazil are currently free, and while these new lowered prices don’t exactly bring things down to “free” territory for other countries, it’s still good news.

The full list of countries with lowered prices goes as follows:

  • Landline and Mobile
    • Nicaragua
    • Honduras
    • El Salvador
    • Haiti
    • Guatemala
    • Bolivia
    • Paraguay
    • Ecuador
  • Mobile Only
    • Chile
    • Uruguay
    • Peru
    • Panama
    • Argentina

While the prices are going down, they will still vary depending on what country you’re calling. For one, if you’re calling a cell phone number in Argentina, it’ll just be $0.05 per minute, while if you call a number in Ecuador, you can expect to pay four times that, at $0.20 per minute. Things really will vary depending on what number you’re calling.

If you’re interested in calling your Latino friends and acquaintances, make sure to go to T-Mobile’s international calling portal to know how much will T-Mobile charge you for calling a specific number. If your line has the Stateside International add-on for international calls, you’ll be good to go — just make sure to add that international area code in front of the number before hitting the call button.

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