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Update: We now have confirmation that the offer will indeed happen. As shown in the image below sent to us here at The T-Mo Report, the offer will require the customer be on a Magenta biller (not Sprint) and have 2 or more (paid) lines. For reference, “Magenta Biller” means the account must be on the T-Mobile side, not that it has to be the Magenta plan (though that could still be a requirement, we don’t know yet).

The offer is also BYOD only. This means it will not stack with device promos like past free lines did.

This new information also includes language about the 12 month term. Contrary to previous info, it seems customers can cancel lines after 12 months has passed. This is good news for those wanting to close out a paid line after a while.

Also mentioned is the fact that the new DCC must be charged. This is a $35 “Device Connection Charge” that was recently created.

Original coverage below

The most popular freebie for diehard T-Mobile fans is by far the free lines. In the past, the carrier has offered existing customers completely free lines with no strings attached. These lines are even eligible for phone promos that require adding a line. Unfortunately, T-Mobile hasn’t offered a truly free line since 2021. Now it seems that may be about to change.

According to two reliable sources, though not fully confirmed, T-Mobile will begin offering a free line starting tomorrow, December 15th. There may be some interesting catches, however.

The sources say that there will be 10 million eligible customer accounts. It’s currently unclear what accounts will qualify. It could be a lottery-style giveaway situation, or perhaps only customers with a certain number of lines. Not every customer will be eligible, and representatives will have to look into an account to check for eligibility.

Another important note is that this free line will require all existing lines on the account to remain indefinitely. No more waiting a year to remove a paid line like previous free lines. If you ever remove a paid line, this particular free line promo will apparently end.

Either way, it’s clear that the promo will not require adding a paid line, as would be the case with a BOGO offer. It’s also not entirely certain that these free lines will be eligible for phone promotions that require adding a line, but best guess is they will be. T-Mobile for Business customers will also be potentially eligible.

Keep an eye out here on The T-Mo Report for further details as we get them.

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