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bogo lines

T-Mobile has decided to swap out their current 50% off new line offer for the buy one get one instead.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, and confirmed via a second source (embedded below), we have information confirming that on August 12th T-Mobile’s 50% off new line promo will end, and a buy one get one will take its place. Customers with at least 2 paid lines on eligible rate plans can add one line and get a second one free for the life of the account as long as both lines are maintained. Eligible Sprint plan customers can get the BOGO by just having a single paid line.

We’ll update this post soon with eligible T-Mobile SOC codes for this promo, but typically if you have ONE, Magenta, or Essentials you’re good to go.

The following rate plans are not eligible:

  • Value Essentials
  • Simple Choice
  • Select Choice
  • Military
  • 55+
  • First Responders
  • Amplified
  • No Credit Check
  • Government Plans

Eligible Sprint plans include:

  • Unlimited Basic
  • Unlimited Plus
  • Unlimited Premium
  • Unlimited Freedom
  • Unlimited Value
  • Unlimited Savings
  • Sprint Essentials

Interestingly, the document states that this offer is not stackable with the new Insider Discount promotion, which means customers that have the 20% off Insider Hookup will not be able to do the BOGO offer.

Another nice offer is that the Assisted Support Charge (ASC) is waived for existing customers that add lines, including via this BOGO offer.

Customers interested in this offer can add 2 lines to their account starting August 13th. You can also just get 2 lines today at 50% off each.

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