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It’s once again time for the famous Insider Discount. This time though, it’s here to stay.

Per an Email from Jon Freier sent to employees, embedded below, tomorrow all T-Mobile employees will receive 2 exclusive insider discount codes good for 20% off all lines on a new account for the life of the account. It works with all three of T-Mobile’s current mainline plans, which are Magenta, Magenta Max, and Essentials. It’s unclear if they will work on other plans such as military and 55+, though it’s unlikely.

The codes going out tomorrow are kicking things off with 2 codes to employees, and they are good through October 5th. What’s new this time around though is every employee will be getting one code on the first Wednesday of every quarter. That’s one code per employee 4 times a year. It looks like the Insider Discount is actually going to be a permanent thing now, likely in the months of January, April, July, and October.

Qualifying SOC codes

The last time this offer was available was back in March, but at the time it was only for new customers of T-Mobile’s Home Internet service (and related plans). Before that it was available around this time in 2020.

Customers thinking about signing up an account with T-Mobile should be on the lookout for codes floating around the internet, or reach out to friends and family that may work for T-Mobile. Keep an eye on the r/tmobile subreddit too.

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