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The infamous Insider Hookup will return on March 17th, but only for select targeted customers.

According to a document we’ve obtained, existing customers that have T-Mobile Home Internet or Connected Devices (like tablets and hotspots) but do not have any voice lines will be extended the offer.

Internal Document

The promo applies a permanent 20% discount to all voice lines on the account (voice lines are another way of saying lines for phones) for the life of the account. It’ll even apply the 20% off to voice lines you add in the future. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

The Insider Hookup was previously offered 3 times: once in 2017, once in December 2019, and once in August/September of 2020. At that time, anyone without a T-Mobile account porting in from an eligible carrier could claim the discount. This time around only existing customers without voice lines are eligible.

The offer starts March 17th. If you’re an existing T-Mobile customer with Home Internet or a connected device and no voice lines, keep an eye out at that time. Employees will have codes to distribute.

We’ll post an update here on The T-Mo Report if we learn any new information.

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