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Update 3: Annoyingly, T-Mobile has now changed the SOC list for a fourth time. Amplified plans are now no longer listed. The image below has been updated to reflect the latest revision.

Update 2: T-Mobile has reverted the SOC list change back to the original. The SOC image below has been reverted back.

Update 3/17/21: The internal list of eligible SOCs has been updated, and the new list has been added below.

Believe it or not, it’s time for yet another free line.

Starting March 17th customers with at least 2 paid voice lines on an eligible plan can add another voice line for free via monthly bill credits. This line will remain free for the life of the account as long as you maintain eligibility.

This news comes via internal documentation shared with The T-Mo Report. The document confirms this promo pretty much lines up with the ones from 2020.

Internal Documentation of the Free Line

As seen above, to maintain the free bill credits you must keep the same lines you currently have for 1 year. After that, they must maintain at least 2 paid voice lines to keep the free line.

The eligible plan SOCs are as follows:

Eligible SOCs

You can find your plan’s SOC code using this guide on Reddit, or try out the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Last year, T-Mobile offered completely free lines to existing accounts a whopping four times. This marks the first truly free line of 2021, and it will stack with those free lines from last year.

The buy one get one line that started recently also ends today, March 16th. If you claimed that offer, you can also claim this one.

Looking forward to yet another line? Share your best promo stacks in the comments!

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