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Thanks to a tip from an anonymous source, we’ve learned that T-Mobile is getting into the fiber optic home internet market.

T-Mobile will be offering fiber optic internet soon in Manhattan in New York City. The service will offer 940Mbps symmetric fiber and come with an eero Pro 6 for Wi-Fi connectivity.

T-Mobile has a website for the service, https://t-mobilefiber.com, and it does not appear to be public yet on any news posts or announcements from T-Mobile. According to our source, the link is shared directly with potential customers in the area. Support is limited to chat and email, with no phone support dedicated to the new service as of yet.

There’s an FAQ page, too, found here: https://t-mobilefiber.com/support/faq/

There’s no word yet on pricing, but it will apparently be a no contract fixed rate price with no hidden fees. Given how T-Mobile handles their existing cellular-based home internet service, it’s likely their fiber service will also be tax inclusive and never go up over time.

It appears T-Mobile is using fiber lines provided by Pilot Fiber, according to this page. Pilot Fiber’s residential service was originally at https://getpilot.com, and that site now redirects to the T-Mobile Fiber landing page. (Thanks to users over at the r/tmobile sub for spotting this connection!). Apparently, Pilot Fiber’s home internet was $60/mo and included the eero pro 6, so that is likely around what this new T-Mobile Fiber will cost.

The availability checker requires a unit number, so this service is likely only available in multi-family apartment style buildings as of now. The service appears to be very early days, and there are likely not any active customers using the service yet, though that isn’t confirmed as of now. It’s possible there are existing Pilot Fiber home internet users who are, in essence, now T-Mobile Fiber home internet users.

The source says that T-Mobile is going big in the home internet market. They claim that T-Mobile wants to eventually be “an ISP that also happens to have cell service” instead of being known primarily as a cell company. Those are pretty big goals, so it will be interesting to see how this fiber service expands in the future.

Keep an eye out here on The T-Mo Report for more info on T-Mobile’s new fiber optic home internet, plus other T-Mobile news. Live in the Manhattan area? Check availability here, and let us know if you get in!

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