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It’s finally time for another 5G Gateway firmware update!

A new firmware version, 1.2101.00.1609 MR4, is beginning to roll out to 5G Home Internet users.

The news comes via a document shared with The T-Mo Report, embedded below, as well as first hand accounts from users.

The rollout began on the 9th of August and will continue through the 27th. The update will come over time for existing users, however if you are having the specific issues listed you can contact home internet support and ask them to force the update immediately. New Home Internet users will receive the update overnight on the first day they setup their devices.

The update claims to fix two known VPN issues, one with Cisco AnyConnect and one with GlobalProtect. More importantly, the update claims to improve the poor 5G signal experience. Apparently, this fixes situations where a 5G signal is poor and the LTE signal would be a better connection.

We’ll have to wait and see if any other unlisted fixes may be in this update, such as the band 12 locking issue or overheating/loss of signal over time issues.

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