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About a week ago, the third party company that handles mobile sales in Costco stores shut down overnight. This left customers with pending orders in the dark about what to expect with their purchases. Now Costco has informed customers with pending shop card promotions that they will indeed be honored.

According to an email shared on Reddit, shown below, Costco will honor all Shop Card promotions that were promised as part of a Wireless Associates promotional purchase.

Shop Card promotions were one of the more popular promotions offered by the former company. Some of the best deals included $300 store credit for bringing your own device and porting in, among others.

Wireless Associates was closed without warning due to a variety of factors, according to the CEO. This included ending their partnership with the military, as well as Costco planning to not renew their contract with Wireless Associates once it ended. Wireless Associates, however, appears to have shut down early, surprising both employees and Costco themselves.

It’s good to see Costco honoring their former business partner’s promotions. The email says that customers with missing Shop Cards will be given their promotions “as soon as possible”.

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