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insider discount coming to existing magenta max customers

The insider discount is definitely the most popular promotion T-Mobile offers, providing 20% off all voice lines on a customer’s account for life. The promo has been made available on and off since 2017. Most recently, the promotion was adjusted to be a more permanent offering, with each employee getting 1 code per quarter. This quarter, though, T-Mobile has cranked things up a bit.

For the second quarter of 2022, T-Mobile has given each employee 3 codes for new customers. We’re told those codes went out about a week or so ago for corporate T-Mobile employees, and interestingly is set to go out for non-employees (TPR employees) soon.

According to a document, shared below, TPR employees will receive their 3 codes on May 5th for new customer sign-ups.

Unfortunately, as has been the case for a while now, insider codes will only work on new Magenta MAX plans. Standard Magenta, Essentials, and already-discounted plans like 55+, Military, and First Responder are not eligible.

There is a bit of a bonus too. These insider promos can be stacked with the “Third Line Free” promotion. That means a Magenta MAX plan with 3 lines will work out to $112 per month with autopay. Not bad!

To be eligible for an insider discount, you must open a new Magenta MAX account and port your number in from a competitor. Port-in numbers from any T-Mobile/Sprint accounts or MVNO providers are not eligible. Free Google Voice numbers are also not considered eligible for porting in. Numbers that have been on the T-Mobile network in the last 90 days are also ineligible.

With AT&T announcing they are raising prices on older plans in June, now seems like a great time for T-Mobile to offer these insider discounts. A customer wanting to move away from AT&T would be much more willing to port over if they get a bonus 20% off of their voice lines. Combined with the recently announced “Price Lock” promise, it creates quite an attractive incentive for prospective customers.

The toughest part of this promotion is likely to be finding an employee willing to give up a code. If you’re in the market to switch, stop by a store and ask if they have a code. Remember, employees use these codes to make sales, so the more you buy the more willing they may be to part with a code.

Corporate locations have received their codes, and third party TPR stores will have them on May 5th.

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