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It will soon be time for another one of T-Mobile’s famous Uncarrier events.

T-Mobile has announced that an Uncarrier event is scheduled for May 4th at 10 am PT. The Uncarrier events have been a recurring feature on T-Mobile starting all the way back in March of 2013 with John Legere announcing Simple Choice plans. Here’s what we know so far about this latest event, which will likely have the title “Un-Carrier Comes Home”.

According to a few documents shared with The T-Mo Report, the main feature of the event will be Home Internet. Specifically, the event will focus on the newer Arcadyan gateway and how easy it is to plug-and-play, with minimal to no setup. You can even see a faint outline of the gateway in the background of the announcement image (the one at the top of this page).

So what exactly is new? Well not much. The event will show off the gateway and advertise things like a “15-minute setup”, an “all-in price”, and “no equipment fees”. There’s also mention of “Test Drive”, which is likely the existing promo where T-Mobile will give you a Visa prepaid card to cover your first month of service. There are a few new perks though.

First, Home Internet will now be covered by Price Lock Guarantee. This means that once you sign up for Home Internet (currently at $50/mo with autopay) you keep that monthly price for life.

Second, it appears T-Mobile will be offering 50% off a YouTube TV subscription to new Home Internet signups, but with a catch. The customer must also have or sign up for a Magenta MAX voice plan as well. At the current $65 price YouTube TV charges, that would save the customer about $32.50/mo on live TV. It’s unclear yet if T-Mobile will offer this discount to existing Home Internet customers.

Third, T-Mobile will now offer to pay your existing ISP’s early termination fees, up to $500, when you switch. This is similar to T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom offer, and will likely take the form of a prepaid card to reimburse your ETF fees when cancelling your old account.

Next, T-Mobile is now confirming that customers who only have Home Internet through T-Mobile and not voice lines will be able to participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays. This was partially available before now by signing into the Tuesdays app on your phone with the Home Internet Gateway’s assigned phone number. Now T-Mobile is making it official. It’s unclear how Home Internet-only customers will access T-Mobile Tuesdays so far, so we’ll find that out on the 4th.

Finally, there is a very small possibility that T-Mobile will offer a $20 discount on accounts that sign up for both Home Internet and Magenta MAX. Documentation we’ve seen shows such an offer being mentioned, but is crossed out. It’s possible this was an idea at one point and was cancelled, or it’s possible this will indeed be an offer made available. We’ll have to wait and see on May 4th to find out for sure.

It’s possible T-Mobile will be announcing more than what is above. As Uncarrier events go, this one may be a bit lackluster, but it’s still fun to watch and see the latest ideas the Uncarrier has come up with.

“Un-carrier Comes Home” will take place on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 10 am PT. You can watch the event live on T-Mobile’s website.

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