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T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has been massively successful, especially since the service began offering 5G early this year. It looks like they want to keep the ball rolling, because the carrier will soon offer a new promo incentive for customers to sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet.

The news comes via a leaked document shared with The T-Mo Report, embedded below. The promotion, named “2021 HINT P9”, will offer “targeted customers” a $150 virtual prepaid card for using T-Mobile Home Internet for at least 60 days.

The document states that both new and existing postpaid customers and T-Mobile for Business customers will be eligible. The “targeted” part of the promotion likely indicates the offer will be extended to people in select markets with plenty of available bandwidth.

Eligible customers will be able to sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet and redeem a promo code within 30 days. Then, once service has been maintained for 60 consecutive days, the customer will receive a virtual prepaid card with a value of $150.

T-Mobile Home Internet currently includes a 5G Home Internet gateway and unlimited data for a flat $50 per month. It promises no price hikes or hidden fees, no contracts, and most customers will have taxes and fees included in that $50 per month bill. The service is available in many markets across the country, and customers can expect an average of over 100 Mbps in most areas with some areas seeing 600+ Mbps. Customers on 55+ postpaid plans can even get a $10 per month discount on the service.

Customers who have cancelled Home Internet in the last 90 days will not be eligible for this new promotion. The offer is slated to begin on Friday, December 3rd. Targeted customers will likely receive a text indicating eligibility similar to past promotions of this type. It’s currently unclear exactly who will be targeted for the promotion so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

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