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A Reddit user has put the T-Mobile promise of “no data caps” on it’s Home Internet service to the ultimate test by using an insane 95 TB of data in a single month.

The user posted a screenshot of their data use, embedded below, on the r/tmobileisp subreddit. It’s a graph from the online My T-Mobile account page that shows your monthly data use across your entire account. The graph shows a comically tall bar for the month of November with a massive 95,136.99 GB of use.

Even the previous month’s use of 1.5 TB is probably considered “above average” for a typical T-Mobile Home Internet customer. 95 TB is so insane, however, it could easily be a record.

The user says they “left a big download/upload going for two weeks” and that they typically average an impressive speed of 600-700 Mbps.

T-Mobile advertises their Home Internet service as an unlimited plan “with no data caps”. While that claim seems to have clearly been confirmed here, T-Mobile Home Internet customers are bound by the same Terms of Service that standard cell users have. Namely, the following two conditions under “WHAT ARE THE PERMITTED AND PROHIBITED USES FOR MY DEVICE AND THE SERVICES?” could have been violated in this case:

  • Uses applications which automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity;
  • Uses applications which are designed for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or applications that are used in a way that degrades network capacity or functionality;

Comments from other users in the thread vary, with many simply being impressed such high usage was even possible. A few users feel using such vast amounts of data is a bad thing, and that it could lead to T-Mobile imposing caps on everyone.

Regardless of the ethics surrounding the issue, it’s still incredibly impressive how well the T-Mobile network handled such use. It shows how quickly the carrier is future-proofing their entire infrastructure, not to mention the incredible value you get for your money. T-Mobile’s Home Internet service only costs $50 per month, or even $40 per month if you have an accompanying 55+ plan.

So far it seems the user has not been terminated or limited in any way. That being said, you may want to avoid going anywhere near 95 TB of use in a single month on your own Home Internet connection.

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