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T-Mobile is launching a new promotional discount to get even more sign-ups for its Home Internet service.

Starting Friday, November 5th, customers with an existing 55+ plan can add Home Internet for just $40/mo. In addition, existing Home Internet only customers can start a new 55+ plan and also receive the discount.

The news comes via a promotional sheet document shared with The T-Mo Report, a snippet of which is embedded below. It shows a new promotion starting on the 5th called 2021 HINT P11/P14.

The 55+ plans are special discounted rate plans offered to customers 55 and older. It gives a decent discount on lines of service with the only limitation being a reduced maximum of 4 lines per account.

T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has pretty much stayed at a steady $50/mo since launch earlier this year, with the exception of a month or so where they tried out $60/mo. This new $40 price point marks the first time Home Internet has ever been offered for less than $50/mo.

Customers looking to sign up for the promotion can do so on Friday. You can find out more about T-Mobile’s Home Internet service on their website.

Update 2: Offer Now Live

The offer is now live and appears near the bottom of the 55+ Plans page. You can contact support to sign up.

It’s still not clear if existing 55+ and Home Internet customers can apply the discount. If we find out definitively that you can or cannot, we’ll update this post.

Update 1: Existing Customers Likely Ineligible

It seems this offer is only available to customers with either Home Internet or a 55+ plan, but not both. The offer requires adding a line to qualify, so customers must either add a 55+ plan or add a line of Home Internet (or both if a new customer).

It’s unclear if existing customers that already have 55+ and Home Internet can simply add another voice line to qualify. If so, that might be a loophole customers can use, as long as they aren’t already at the 4-line maximum for the 55+ plan.

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