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T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday deals have been kept close to the chest this year, with T-Mobile waiting until the very last minute to share them. Thanks to a tip, we now know a few hours early what they’ll be, and a few of them aren’t too shabby.

Cyber Monday Online Only Offers

Starting today, November 29th, customers can purchase a Samsung Galaxy A10e, Samsung Galaxy A11, or an LG Velvet 5G on EIP and receive it for free via monthly bill credits. That’s a completely free phone with no trade-in or new line required.

If you have Magenta MAX or another premium plan you can snag a free OnePlus 8 5G when you add a line.

The LG Velvet is easily the best deal on the list. Even though LG pulled out of the smartphone market early this year, the Velvet is still a pretty decent device. It sports a MediaTek Dimensity 1000C CPU with 6 GB of RAM and a 6.8″ screen.

If you’d prefer long-term support and updates instead, both the Samsung A10e and A11 are available as well, albeit with much worse specs. The A10e comes with an Exynos 7884 CPU and 2 GB of RAM and features a 5.83″ screen while the A11 has a Snapdragon 450 with 4 GB of RAM and a 6.4″ screen.

These offers are available exclusively online on the T-Mobile website and in the app. Support will not be able to add the offers.

Other Offers

If none of those tickle your fancy, there are a few more offers available as part of T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday.

Customers on any postpaid plan can get a free iPhone SE when you add a line to your account. This offer, by the way, is the only one in this list compatible with Sprint plans.

Not interested in a new device? If you Bring Your Own Device to a T-Mobile account (by adding a new line) you can get a $100 rebate card. Customers with Magenta MAX get a $200 rebate card.

These deals begin today, November 29th. The iPhone SE and BYOD rebate offers are for Cyber Monday only, while the OnePlus 8 and free device offers have an end date of “TBA”. None of the offers are stackable with Carrier Freedom.

Those free devices are likely to sell out fast, so move quick!

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