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If you’re a long time T-Mobile customer, you probably have a lot of swag by now. The carrier, after all, likes giving away physical merch to users through the T-Mobile Tuesdays (now T-Life) app. It’s a fun way to reward users for their fidelity while also giving them arguably the best 5G network in the country.

Recently, the company gave away some sunglasses, a pair of Ray-Ban copycats, to get users ready for the scorching summer sun that’s about to hit us in a few months’ time (along with some sweet eclipse add-ons). Now, T-Mobile is getting ready to give users yet another stylish reward.

T-Mobile is gearing up to offer a tote bag as one of its upcoming T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards. The bag itself is, of course, carrying the iconic T-Mobile magenta color, as well as the T-Mobile logo and a pattern of icons and glyphs representing various Earth-saving activities.

The bag’s whole theme, of course, is saving the planet, encouraging users to “reduce and reuse.” The bag itself is also made from 70% recycled materials, so T-Mobile is also re-purposing a good chunk with this bag as well.

To be fair, it is quite stylish, too. It’s no leather bag, of course, but it also tries to stand out from other woven bags while giving it that iconic T-Mobile look (and also not making you look a lot like a walking billboard).

The bag is sure to be popular for everything from grocery shopping to vacation travel.

If you want to get one, all you need to do is wait until the bags are actually available through the T-Life app, claim the offer, and walk up to your nearest T-Mobile store. We expect them to show up in the app for redemption on April 16th.

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