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This past week, some customers on T-Mobile received an ominous text about a change in account credits. The text, quoted below, indicated a credit being given to customers was changing to a “lump sum”, but didn’t specify exactly what it was.

T-Mobile: We’re changing how we apply account credits for selected offers. On your next bill, you’ll receive one lump-sum credit for the remainder of your offer value instead of a recurring monthly credit. Don’t worry, you’ll keep any credits you may have already received.

SMS text sent to some customers

As vague as it may seem, it turns out this text is referring to a “Stay Magenta” retention credit that some customers received, according to documents shared with us here at The Mobile Report.

Back towards the end of November, T-Mobile began offering the “Stay Magenta” credit, which was either a $10 monthly credit for 6 months, or a $25 credit 2 months in a row. The offer stopped being available in February.

The temporary credits were open to most customers, but representatives used their own discretion as to whether an account needed the discount or not. In particular, customers with significant discounts already (thus, less likely to actually be considering leaving) were less likely to get approved for the discount.

T-Mobile has, for whatever reason, decided to lump any remaining credits these customers had into one final payment.

Given how many customers are super careful about maintaining their discounts, especially since the forced plan migration scare, it’s safe to say many were concerned about the vague message they received. Luckily, for now, it’s nothing too serious.

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