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After Christmas, Easter is probably everyone’s second favorite holiday, or at least a top five. Kids know it for the colorful eggs and the Easter bunny, but there’s a lot more to it. Just like all other holidays are a great excuse for shopping, Easter is no different, and carriers have a bunch of deals ready for you to hop on. They don’t quite come inside colorful eggs, but you can pretend they do.

Verizon, in particular, has a pretty juicy deal for you (a couple of them, actually) if you’ve been eyeing one of Apple’s newer iPhones.

Specifically, the company has a few deals available for Apple’s iPhone 15 Plus. This is the company’s bigger sibling to the base iPhone 15, which means it’s just a bigger iPhone 15. It has two cameras, a 60Hz screen, and all the other usual bells and whistles. The device is usually a $900 value, and with these deals, you can get it for free.

More specifically, if you get a new Verizon line, you’ll be able to grab the 128GB model of the iPhone 15 Plus for free (you get up to $929.99 off), or grab a higher-storage model at a heavy discount with low monthly payments.

If you don’t feel like getting a new line, but you don’t mind trading in your previous phone, there’s also an ongoing deal for you. Verizon will take down the price of the smartphone by quite a bit if you’re willing to trade-in select devices. You save less this way, as it’s technically not a free “on us” phone if you do a trade-in, but it’s still pretty sweet.

The highest trade-in value is $830, compared to the $929.99 off by getting a new line. That’s a $99.99 difference. Still, you save a lot of money, since monthly payments will start at $2.77 a month for 36 months if you choose to trade in. Not bad, in my opinion.

You can check out both of these deals on Verizon’s online iPhone 15 Plus listing by clicking the button below. Make sure to hop on them quickly, too, as they’ll be gone after tomorrow. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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