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You’ve probably heard the story before: a customer dissatisfied with a company’s service wants to leave, so they call in or chat a customer representative to see about changing plans or maybe cancelling all together.

A lot of the time, these agents might attempt to persuade you to not leave the service by offering cheaper options, like lower tiers of service, as alternatives. If you’re lucky, they might even have a one-time discount for you that they’ll offer as a last-ditch effort.

Well, T-Mobile’s newest discount is just that. Customers that contact the company looking to leave may be offered a temporary monthly discount.

According to documents obtained by us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile is currently running two separate promotions that are offered by customer care agents only for people who are threatening to quit. The promotion is internally named “Stay Magenta”.

If you’re eligible, you can be offered either a $10 discount on your bill for the next 6 months, or a $25 discount for the next two months. The discount will be applied as a credit to your bill, and you’ll receive the offer as long as you agree to maintain your T-Mobile voice service active for the promo period.

This discount can only be offered, and activated, by customer care agents. You can’t apply it yourself, and likewise, an in-store representative won’t be able to apply it into your account either. The only way to receive this promotion is via “Consumer Care”, which is presumably either over the phone or via app chat/T-Force.

Customers with any postpaid plan that has at least one voice line are seemingly eligible for the promo.

This is very similar to a retention offer that was offered to users back in March, where T-Mobile offered a similar $10 per month discount for 6 months.

If your bill is too expensive and you were thinking of leaving T-Mobile anyways, giving this retention promo a shot might be worth it to hold you over for now.

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