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Everyone loves service discounts. Companies know that, and often use them as a method of retaining customers that initially plan to leave. Internet service providers are notorious for this, often having entire retention departments dedicated to offering you promotions when your existing 2-year pricing inevitably expires. It’s such a common thing there’s guides online on how to negotiate with these companies.

As of March 24th, T-Mobile, too, can offer a one-time retention credit to customers considering cancelling a line.

According to an internal document sent to us here at The Mobile Report, T-Mobile now has a silent “unscripted” retention promo available to customers looking to cancel.

The promo gives customers a $10 bill credit per month for six months when they agree to “Stay Magenta” and not cancel their line.

The offer is designed to retain customers thinking about cancelling one or more lines. Only consumer care can add the offer, so in-store and online self-serve options aren’t available. Only customers calling in to support would be offered this promotion.

T-Mobile is known for having significant service discounts, like free lines and (back in the good ol’ days) Kickback, which offered a $10 discount to lines staying under 2GB per month. This, however, seems to be the first time the company is offering retention deals to try and retain existing customers, at least to our knowledge.

Customers with any postpaid plan appear to be eligible, including grandfathered plans like Simple Choice and ONE. It’s likely that Sprint customers who haven’t yet had their plans migrated won’t be offered this deal.

There’s currently no end date for this internal offer. It’s likely T-Mobile will determine an end date based on how often the deal is given out to “at-risk” customers.

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