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Amazon Alexa devices began supporting phone calls using a customer’s regular cellular number on AT&T back in late 2020. A year later, Verizon began supporting the feature, though they decided to charge $5/mo for the pleasure. Now T-Mobile is finally joining in, as customers are now able to make calls using their Alexa devices paired to their T-Mobile numbers.

The news was first tipped via an image sent to us here at The Mobile Report, and confirmed by this public facing support document. It’s unclear exactly when the document was made public, but the Wayback Machine shows only one backup on March 15th. The associated Alexa Skill appears to have reviews starting around March 14th and 15th as well, so it’s likely around that date when the feature went live.

To enable the feature, customers must be on a postpaid T-Mobile plan and have a T-Mobile online account login. In addition, you must also have an Amazon/Alexa account and Alexa speakers. Sprint customers are out of luck here too, unless your account has already been migrated to T-Mobile.

Adding the feature is easy via the Alexa app. Simply sign in and go to the “More” menu, followed by “Settings” and then “Communication”. Select T-Mobile under “Accounts” and then follow the instructions to link your T-Mobile account.

The support page isn’t entirely clear if the T-Mobile Alexa Skill must be installed first, but if so, instructions for doing so are on that document as well. The Skill page can be found directly on Amazon’s website as well.

There’s also instructions for sharing your contacts as well as making and receiving calls using Alexa.

Having an easy way to make calls using your T-Mobile number at home using just your voice is pretty handy. Some deal-savvy customers may even assign one of the many free lines T-Mobile has offered over the years to their Alexa devices. Do you plan on using this new Alexa feature? Let us know below!

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