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FINAL UPDATE: It appears this offer is, after all, 2023 Line On Us P6. Someone at T-Mobile thought it would be a good idea to spread the word that this was a new promotion, when in fact it was not.

Documentation shows that the original P6 promo was updated on March 20th to include having the DCC fee waived.

We here at The Mobile Report apologize for any confusion and inconvenience. The messaging coming out of T-Mobile was incredibly wrong and misleading, even to employees.

The final word is this: If you do not already have the 2023 Line On Us P6 promotion, you can now receive it if you are on Magenta MAX. There is still wording on the documentation that indicates customers with free lines already are not eligible, but it’s pretty clear that’s not true (and is also contrary to the messaging sent to employees). Good luck everyone!

UPDATE 2: It’s unclear who this promotion is for or why it exists at this point. Customers who did not add the “Line On Us P6” offer are receiving that promotion when attempting to add today’s free line. Customers that already have P6 are having that promotion converted to a BOGO add-a-line offer, which is clearly not correct.

The only possible way this offer might work is if a customer has both the BOGO add-a-line and the Line On Us P6 promotion. Those customers may then be able to add yet another line for free, but it’s very unclear if that is the case. We’ll continue updating this article as we learn more.

UPDATE 1: Further clarification states that this free line will stack on to accounts with other free lines as long as those free lines were added before March 8th. This means that customers who took advantage of the 2023 Line On Us P6 recently will not stack, and evidence suggests those that are trying are having their promo convert to the BOGO offer.

Original article below.

It’s time to spin up the rumor mill! As time goes on, T-Mobile seems to create weirder and more obscure promos. It seems that, today only, there is a free line promotion for existing Magenta MAX customers with two or more lines.

According to multiple trusted sources, T-Mobile is now offering one free line to Magenta MAX customer only, as long as they have the required 2 or more paid lines. The offer is apparently available in-store only.

The news initially started via a leadership-only internal call, and leadership then spread the news to retail reps.

The sudden nature of the promotion apparently means there are not even internal documents or articles detailing the offer. Looks like T-Mobile is going with a “trust me bro” approach for this one.

There’s also a bonus attached to this offer. Store reps have been authorized to waive the DCC fee for these lines as well. That means $0 out the door for an extra line on your account.

These lines, like previous free lines lately, are not stackable with phone and EIP promotions. The promo is also not available for segmented plans like Magenta MAX 55+, work perks, military, etc. Only the main Magenta MAX plan is eligible. Customers with insider or existing free lines are also eligible.

It’s unclear for sure how the promotion is being added in the backend, but it’s likely automatic like other free lines. This might mean that you can add the line yourself online and have the promotion stick, but there’s no proof or guarantee of that at this time. You’d also lose out on the free DCC fee, because that is waived manually by store reps. Do so at your own risk.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is not the 2023 Line On Us P6 offer. That offer is separate, and also apparently still ongoing.

If you want to try and snag the offer, visit a store near you and ask about adding a free line. Remember, you must have a regular Magenta MAX account with at least 2 paid lines already.

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