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The holiday shopping season is the perfect time to get the best deals on all sorts of products and services. It’s Christmas, after all, and many of us having spent a considerable amount of money on gifts, so saving a few bucks here and there can be very helpful.

This year, all major carriers seem to have gone above and beyond to offer amazing deals on phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other hardware. But what if you’re looking for something bigger and better? What if you want to upgrade your living room entertainment system with a brand-new TV? Well, Verizon has got you covered.

Verizon has just launched a nice, rather odd offer where it can give you one of two things. You can either get a free phone (new line required), or you can get a free TV (new account required) with regular purchase of a phone.

You can either choose to get a free phone from a selection of devices or if you don’t mind paying for the phone (in installments, of course), Verizon will also throw in an Amazon 65″ Omni Series 4K TV. You still get the phone either way, so the only thing that’s changing is whether you pay for it and whether you get a TV with it.

Technically, they are two different offers, and they cannot be combined, but they apply to mostly the same selection of phones and they’re advertised as the same offer. The offers apply to the following devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 (TV offer only)
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Motorola Edge+ 5G UW

You can see Verizon’s entire 5G phone lineup here on their website.

The offer would pair nicely with the company’s free Xbox Series X offer with Home Internet, too.

The deal itself will run until January 3rd, 2024, so you have a little over a week (whatever’s left from this year) to get this. Make sure to hop on this now — a 65-inch 4K TV to go along with your new smartphone is an offer that’s hard to pass on.

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