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Starting today, December 14th, Verizon has a ton of value when you sign up for new Verizon Home Internet service.

Verizon will hook you up with an Xbox Series X console, a $100 Verizon gift card, and an Amazon gift choice when you sign up for either 5G Home Internet or Verizon Fios. The options are a $200 Amazon gift card, or an Echo Show 10 (a $169.99 value right now). The gift card is currently the better option, as you could buy the Echo Show 10 with the card, and still have a bit left over.

The terms of the deal can be seen on the Verizon website right now. If you run the address check and you are eligible, you can potentially get quite the incentive to switch.

Eligibility For The Offer

To be eligible, customers must select the 5G Home Plus plan or the 1 Gig Verizon Fios plan.

It’s also worth noting that in the fine print of the promotion, it specifies that service must be maintained for 180 days. If it isn’t, Verizon reserves the right to charge back the full value of the promotional items received.

5G/LTE Home Plus

The first option to snag the free Xbox Series X offer is via 5G/LTE Home Plus.

The base price for their qualifying 5G or LTE service is $80/month. However, customers who have a cell phone plan that include 5G Ultra Wideband get a $25 per month discount. If you sign up for autopay, there is another $10 per month discount waiting for you. That drops the Verizon Home Internet rate to $45 per month, a very manageable rate for no contract internet service.

The 5G Home Plus plan (or LTE Home Plus, not shown) is required for the most value.

Not surprisingly, the the higher-cost Verizon Home Internet plan is required for the deal. However, there is additional value to be had. Streaming resolution will be Ultra HD 4K quality when applicable as opposed to capping at 1080p (on 5G, 1080p limited for LTE). For those who have the means to appreciate high-quality video, 5G Home Plus is a must.

Verizon Cloud, a backup service for your media and phones, is also included. Finally, you also get “Whole-Home Wi-Fi”, which includes a network health checker in the My Verizon app and an optional Wi-Fi extender.

To sign up now and snag your free Xbox Series X, you can visit the Verizon 5G Home Internet page here.

Verizon Fios

The other option to snag the free Xbox and other perks is with Verizon’s Fios Home Internet.

The service is available in metro and suburban areas of New England and the Mid-Atlantic. The company offers 3 levels of service: 1 Gig, 500 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. Of course, the higher 1 Gig plan is required for the freebies.

Along with the Xbox and $300 gift card value, you also get a few additional perks.

Customers can choose between a 6-month Disney+ subscription and 2TB of Verizon Cloud or a “Gaming Bundle” which includes an additional $50 Xbox gift card and a free MoCA adapter, which allows you to form a wired ethernet connection using existing coaxial wiring in your home. Alternatively, you can choose both the subscription and the gaming bundle for an additional $10/mo.

You can sign up for Verizon Fios at this link.

Verizon has been leveraging deals all holiday season long. With Netflix & MAX bundles, huge returns on trade-ins, and now Verizon Home Internet promotions, Verizon is hitting promotional value all over their portfolio. Would you switch to Verizon Home Internet for an Xbox Series X? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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