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With the ever-increasing costs of subscriptions, the more savings you can get, the better. This might include taking advantage of lower subscription tiers or, whenever applicable, even a nice bundle that gives you a bunch of benefits for a reduced price.

Free/discounted streaming subscriptions are a common perk at major carriers, and Verizon was rumored to be coming up with a bundle that will bring together two of the biggest streaming services out there for a rather low price. Now, that bundle is finally official — and you can get it starting today.

Verizon is officially launching a bundle that will let people subscribe to both Netflix and Max (the latter previously known as HBO Max) for a discounted $10 a month. This offer joins the many perks Verizon already offers through myPlan, including Apple TV+, Walmart+, and more.

This bundle, however, is noteworthy, given that both Netflix and Max have gigantic libraries of streamable content, which means that you get access to most, if not all, of your favorite movies and shows for a really low price.

It should be noted here that by taking advantage of this bundle, you will have access to both subscriptions in their ad-supported tier rather than the ad-free version. This means that while you enjoy your favorite movies or shows, you may come across the occasional ad on the base plans.

That being said, Verizon’s terms suggest Netflix can be “upgraded or downgraded” via Netflix itself, so it’s possible customers can pay the difference on higher tiers without ads. No word on if the same can be done on Max.

Both Netflix and Max like to brag that their ads are as unintrusive as they can get, and it’s only a few minutes of ads in total for every hour of content you watch, but it’s worth warning anyway. If that doesn’t bother you, the base tiers will be fine.

Verizon says that this perk will be available to users with Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Ultimate plans by enrolling into myPlan and claiming the perk. You can also only claim the offer once per eligible line. Make sure to go into your account and check it out if you want to get watching.

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