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Streaming services keep getting more and more expensive, and it’s an industry-wide trend at this point. There’s not much we can do other than either keep putting up with it or finding cheaper alternatives.

The most common ways to save money on streaming services actually come from our carriers, as they sometimes either offer them free or considerably cheaper as a line or plan benefit. Now, Verizon is planning a great deal that combines two of the biggest streaming services in one single package.

Verizon is planning to introduce a pretty sweet deal that includes ad-supported versions of Netflix and Warner Bros Discovery’s Max streaming services at a reduced price of around $10 per month. This is a significant price cut from the usual combined cost of $17. The Wall Street Journal reports that we can expect an announcement of this bundled package in the coming weeks.

This move reflects the competition within the streaming industry, prompting companies to explore innovative bundling strategies with telecom providers to attract customers. Though the exact details of the arrangement remain undisclosed (Verizon may or may not disclose them whenever this is actually announced), it is mentioned that Netflix and Warner Bros will share revenue with Verizon. The report notes that there is a minimum revenue guarantee for the entertainment companies.

Verizon and Warner Bros Discovery have not yet commented on this news, and Netflix has declined to do so. The discounted bundle appears to be a response to the demand for cost-effective streaming options and showcases the evolving landscape of partnerships between telecom and streaming service providers.

Notably, Netflix introduced its ad-supported tier last year and adjusted the prices for its premium ad-free tier in October. As streaming services continue to adapt to changing consumer preferences, bundling arrangements like these could become a prevalent strategy to navigate the competitive streaming market.

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