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The Pixel 7 Pro is just over a year old at this point. It could be considered yesterday’s news given Google has already released the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro this year.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad phone, though, and if you can score a nice deal on it, it can actually be a steal. Case in point — Mint Mobile is selling you the Pixel 7 Pro for a whopping $600 off its usual price point, making for maybe one of the best deals in phones out there right now.

Mint has the Google Pixel 7 Pro for just $299 on their online store when paired with a yearly plan. That’s Google’s 2022 most expensive flagship, which launched at a comparatively eye-watering $899. So right now, it’s basically a third of its price.

Of course, with the Pixel 7 Pro being a slightly older phone, no one would pay the MSRP of $899 — the Pixel 8 Pro is $999 after all. The thing here, however, is that a Pixel 7 Pro will cost somewhere between $350 to $500 used. This is a new, factory-sealed phone. It really can’t get much better than this.

All you need to do is commit to 12 months of Mint Mobile service (the company will even throw in six free months for you), and port in from an eligible carrier. Then the phone is yours.

Those plans start at just $90, meaning the brand new phone could be yours, along with a year of service, for a total of just $389.

It’s worth noting the phone will be locked for that 12-month period so Mint Mobile knows you won’t cheat. Also, the MVNO will charge sales tax on the full $899 price point. Still, not too bad an offer.

It’s an unusually good bargain for a brand-new phone that still has a long life ahead of it, so if you were waiting to hop on the right phone (especially if you were thinking of trying out Mint Mobile’s service anyway), this might just be it. Check out the listing for the full terms, and to place your order.

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