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MVNO and smaller carriers have been picking up steam in recent years. Getting comparable wireless service without the premium price tag can lead to huge savings for your phone bill. Mint Mobile is in the mix, and has been remaining competitive offering device and plan bundles like many others. Their latest campaign, “The best value in wireless” is a deal worth looking into if you are on the fence about a value-driven switch. Mint promotes low prices, simple value in wireless, and aims to make the switch a breeze.

How Mint stacks up against Big Wireless

Odds are if you’ve heard of Mint Mobile, their message is usually to lead with price, and this round is no different. But, there are other great reasons to consider Mint.

Mint puts their Savings Quiz front and center on the page, so you can see just how much you could potentially keep in your wallet. The $15 for all plans promotion is in full swing, so customers can still get Mint’s Unlimited plan for just $15 a month per line for the first three months.

After that, it is important to note the best savings on Mint Mobile come when you pay for more time in advance. For example, the unlimited plan can be purchased for 3 months at $120 ($40/month), 6 months at $210 ($35/month), or 12 months at $360 ($30/month). The more you pay up front, the more you will save.

Mint also explains why their pricing and value is able to beat “Big Wireless”, and how benefits and savings are passed on to the customer. Customer-centric value like being gimmick free, flexible plans, and buying in bulk make an appearance. But Mint also mentions operating lean by being online-only, and not ‘spending millions to put our logo on a stadium’. They save, so their customers save.

If you haven’t seen the trend yet, saving is a big reason to switch to Mint. Being an MVNO, their coverage is mostly comparable to the major networks too. It could be a win/win for you.

Finally, Mint offers premium activation support. With MINTech advisors on staff, you can get help with:

  • Bringing your phone and phone number to Mint Mobile
  • Mint plan activation and set-up
  • Transferring your data to a new device
  • Cancelling your current service

A MINTech advisor will even get your old carrier on the phone with you, and handle the transition process so you don’t have to, if you have Verizon or AT&T. Carriers don’t like when you switch, so having a professional in your corner can be a big help during the breakup call. Oftentimes you’ll be transferred to other teams to save your business, or the rep you get might not want the cancellation impacting their metrics. With a MINTech advisor on your side, they get the job done without all of that hassle.

Your Current Plan Might Have Other Strings Attached

Has Mint interested you? There are a few things to think about before you switch.

First, find your most recent wireless bill from your current provider. There are a few key plan additions to consider. Are you currently financing any devices? You will be accountable for the full buyout of the device, even if you are currently receiving it on a promotional rate. That monthly credit won’t carry over on the buyout.

Also consider that your device is likely carrier locked if it is under a financial agreement or promotion. It will not work with Mint Mobile until your current carrier unlocks it. This process can take days, even if it is approved.

Mint Mobile does not offer mobile insurance, so if you are accident-prone you will need a contingency plan. International plans to dial out of the country (beyond Canada and Mexico) also requires additional charges, like most carriers.

Mint is a wireless provider with no gimmicks, and that includes bundled services like Netflix, Hulu, and more. If your current carrier plan includes a streaming service that you enjoy, it is a cost you will need to consider. The savings you get with Mint might easily pay for that service anyway, though.

Then there’s mobile hotspot. On Mint, it utilizes the same ‘data bucket’ as your phone’s data plan. However, if you are on the Unlimited plan, then it is a 10GB cap for hotspot before you need to pay extra.

Mint’s unlimited plan also sees impacted speeds after 40GB of usage per line. It might be a good idea to check your usage to ensure you can stick within the means of their plan offerings.

For those who want simple wireless service and don’t use hotspot, streaming services, or excessive data, it could be a great fit. Are you ready to take the plunge, and sign up with the green fox? You can get started with Mint Mobile right here on their website.

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