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Mint Mobile‘s whole schtick is affordability and Ryan Reynolds. The MVNO gives you service starting at $15 a month, which is a bargain compared to traditional carrier plans and even other MVNOs. For a limited time, however, all of its plans are $15 a month, making this a great time to switch to Mint Mobile if you’re looking to save on your monthly cell bill.

Mint Mobile has announced that for a limited period, and as long as you’re willing to commit to 3 months of service, you can get any of the MVNO’s plans for just $15 a month, or $45 for the whole 3-month period. This extends to all plans, from the basic 5GB/month plan all the way up to the unlimited plan, which is usually a $30/month value if you get it as part of the 12-month plan.

The restrictions that already apply to the plans stay in place, including how the unlimited plan only gives you 40GB of high-speed data and caps it afterward. This discount also only applies to the 3-month plans — if you try to get service for 6 or 12 months, you’ll have to pay full price for the plans.

Likewise, you’ll also probably need to change plans by the end of the 3-month promotional period if you end up not being able to afford the full price of the plan you chose. The good news is that Mint Mobile will still have its basic plan for $15/month, but it only has 5GB of data per month, so you will probably need to plan ahead for that.

We are not sure when this deal is expiring, as Mint Mobile didn’t give an exact cut-off date. If you’re interested in signing up for this, though, make sure to check out all of Mint Mobile’s discounted plans right now. Also, you should definitely read the official blog post to know more.

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