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T-Mobile has a great deal on the iPhone 13 series devices just in time for Father’s day.

As shown in a leaked document shared below, as well as on the T-Mobile website for each eligible device, T-Mobile is offering $729.99 off an iPhone 13 series device when you port in a number to a new line on your account.

In order to qualify for the promo, customers on a new or existing account must add a line and port in a number from an eligible competitor. Then buy an iPhone 13 series device on a 2-year EIP (equipment installment plan). The monthly cost for the device will then be credited every month.

This credit can net you a completely free iPhone 13, or an iPhone 13 Pro for about $170 (roughly $7 a month). The iPhone 13 mini, if preferred, would also be free. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is also included in the promotional details, but it appears the phone is no longer available from T-Mobile.

Any of the latest unlimited plans from T-Mobile are eligible too. Go5G plans, Magenta plans, and all the way back to ONE plans are eligible. Anything older, like simple choice, won’t be unfortunately.

The offer started today, so if interested be sure to snag the offer by heading to your local T-Mobile store or placing your order online before the deal ends.

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