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MVNOs continue to bring competitive concepts to the wireless industry. From Mobile X’s AI-powered plans, to Ultra Mobile’s deeply discounted introductory rates, the competition for market share is fierce.

A new player has entered the nationwide fight. Helium Mobile announced today that a new unlimited plan is here. The MVNO is expanding from its initial Florida market, going nationwide backed by T-Mobile’s network.

For $20 per month, an individual line can get unlimited talk, text, and data. Like many MVNO unlimited offerings, there is a contingency on the data: users can expect to hit de-prioritization on data use after 30GB of data on a cycle. Finally, the plan also includes 5GB of hard capped tethering.

Nova Labs CEO Amir Haleem (parent company of Helium Mobile) had much to say about the announcement, including a jab at major wireless carriers.

“We are tired of carriers that hide high subscription rates, roaming and additional data fees behind free phone upgrades that lock you into years of expensive plans. Americans deserve better.”

Amir Haleem

Helium Mobile also claims the average American spends $157 per month on wireless service, a prohibitive cost on an essential utility.

What’s more, Helium Mobile is also giving customers the chance to earn. If they help Helium Mobile’s new nationwide network grow, they can get paid.

Helium Mobile Believes “People Power” With Crypto Rewards Will Give Their Network An Edge

Helium Mobile Unlimited was not the only announcement today. Available to order is the Outdoor Helium Mobile Hotspot for $499, and the Indoor Helium Mobile Hotspot for $249. This is Helium Mobile’s other network strategy beyond being a T-Mobile MVNO, which they dub the “People Power”.

What are they for? Customers using the MVNO can purchase a hotspot that can expand the nationwide network for other Helium Mobile subscribers. Your broadband internet connection becomes a vehicle for the network to continue to grow. You make the initial investment, and you take on the extra burden via your existing broadband connection for these users. The devices will begin to ship December 18th, 2023.

Why do it? With network usage on your hotspot devices, you have the opportunity to earn “MOBILE”, a cryptocurrency. This is the nature of your relationship with the hotspot – invest in one, deploy it in an area of high usage (Helium Mobile labels them as “BOOST” zones) and begin earning right away.

Your crypto wallet gets linked to the app that manages the usage of your hotspots, and the crypto is distributed accordingly. In summary, help out Helium Mobile with a hotspot, and get paid in “MOBILE” cryptocurrency. Currently, the price of that currency sits at about $0.0003 a share.

Do you think earning crypto off of a hotspot is a wise investment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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