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T-Mobile has had wave after wave of layoffs since the merger. It’s no secret that one of the many cost-saving maneuvers employed by the combined “New T-Mobile” is addition by subtraction: add to the billions in revenue, subtract the overall number of people employed. This is despite a jobs promise that is still live on T-Mobile’s website today, a post many now see as a mocking gesture than a genuine statement.

T-Mobile has now apparently thrown these wayward souls a new benefit. The best part is even if employees were impacted by prior waves of layoffs before it was announced, they are still eligible. I know, because I was one of those individuals, and I can confirm I have completed enrolling in the discount myself.

Introducing the T-Mobile Alumni Discount Program: a 20% discount for voice service – a final softer hand from what has been a rough experience for many impacted by layoffs at the Un-Carrier.

The most recent layoff wave was intermittently informed of this benefit. Prior waves were not whatsoever as it wasn’t launched at that time. Regardless, anyone impacted by the layoffs or job eliminations T-Mobile has been handing out left and right since April 2020 can get theirs.

What To Know About Eligibility And Enrollment

Internal documents outline the process. First and foremost – if you were terminated or quit, you will not be eligible for the T-Mobile Alumni Discount Program. This is solely for individuals laid off or in impacted roles.

There is a plan eligibility list, but so long as you are on a regular rate plan that isn’t already receiving a discount (like Military or 55+), you should be eligible. Plans as old as Simple Choice and ONE, as well as more modern ones like Essentials, Magenta, MAX, Go5G, Go5G Plus, Go5G Next, and even legacy Sprint plans can get it.

To get the discount, former employees are asked to contact the myHR Support team at 1-866-578-6423. Former T-Mobile employees will have the smoothest experience if they have their P-Number handy (an employee number T-Mobile assigns everyone). In the event it is lost, there are other verification methods. A specialist will confirm layoff status, and submit a request to have a code emailed to you in a few business days. I got mine about a week later.

The code itself functions like an insider code – another discount program T-Mobile offers. Once the former employee receives their code, they can jump to T-Mobile.com/Insider and enter the code after logging into their account, and that’s it.

Personally, I am sharing this for visibility. I was eligible and it’s not like T-Mobile went out of their way to let me know I can get a discount over a year later from my layoff date. A friend let me know in passing, and I was shocked to know it existed. There are likely many other former employees who realize a phone call and a week’s wait is well worth it.

Were you impacted by mass T-Mobile layoffs? Were you informed about your 20% discount? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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