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Just how low can a cell phone bill be every month? MobileX is looking to find out that answer… with AI.

A new prepaid MVNO on Verizon’s network led by Peter Adderton, original co-founder of Boost, has secured shelf space in Walmart stores nationwide.

The partnership was announced at MWC Las Vegas on September 26, 2023. VP of merchandising for wireless at Walmart, Mehrdad Akbar, stated in an announcement “We’re excited to offer our customers a new way of approaching their mobile phone plans with the innovation, customization and reliability provided by MobileX.”

Customers can now purchase the SIM card for $9.88 from Walmart. This cost is offset by a $10 credit upon activation through the MobileX app, so you can get started right away.

AI-Powered Pricing To Save Customers More

The MobileX service initially launched online in February 2023. There are a la carte options beginning as cheap as $4.08 a month, which is 1GB of service with no talk or text included. If you are mostly on Wi-Fi and prefer to use internet calling and texting services like WhatsApp, you could save big.

You can add unlimited talk and text to the 1GB plan for just an additional $4.50, still keeping the price at a low total of $8.58 a month.

The final consideration is the extra $2.10 per GB of data used on network with that setup. MobileX even offers a video optimizer on its mobile app in an attempt to keep users in control of data management.

That’s no typo – that’s really $4.08 a month! Source: https://mymobilex.com/plans/

MobileX also offers a more ‘traditional’ service offering with fixed ‘unlimited’ data buckets. The quotations and asterisk are typical: as with other carriers, excess use over the allotted amount will see reduced speeds. On MobileX, reduced means down to 512kbps, which is a significant slowdown.


So, where does the AI come in? As you use the service, MobileX will constantly monitor how much data you use and how you use it. Based on that usage, the app will make an expert recommendation on the best value plan based on usage with the aim to save you the most money. It is a personal plan assistant, always looking out for the best ways you can save, even mid-cycle.

As a nice bonus, any unused data on the custom access plans the AI recommends will even be credited back to you towards your next service period. You can try out the data forecaster yourself here.

Considerations Before You Switch

MobileX also offers their “learning period”, which is a 10-day trial with your service that aims to learn your usage habits to recommend the best prepaid option at the end. This is also time you can spend ensuring you have coverage where you need it most.

Though the stability of the basic unlimited plans is nice, the custom access plans from AI learning having the credit-back option holds value too.

It’s also worth noting that MobileX only supports one line per account. If you have multiple lines and plan to port in to MobileX, every line would need to be managed individually.

As a bring-your-own-device-only carrier, you must have a compatible device as well. Certain device types carry additional caveats surrounding eSIM activation or APN settings change. Be sure to double-check your model before diving in.

Here is a list of devices currently compatible with MobileX:

iOSiPhone 6S or newer (iPhone 7 GSM not compatible)
AndroidAll Google Pixels
SamsungS10 or newer, A52 or newer (A-series)
MotorolaEdge 2020 or newer, Moto G 2020 or newer, ThinkPhone 2022
Oneplus8T or newer

The wireless competition certainly has its share of interesting players joining the fray. There’s Boost Infinite handing out iPhones without trade-ins, Mint Mobile discounting every plan to match the rate of its cheapest plan, and now MobileX using AI as its driver to save consumers. The AI-powered savings is not a promotion like an iPhone or an introductory plan discount, either. MobileX is building that value as part of simply having their service. No contracts, no price hikes, no promotional rates. The AI is there to work for you, just for having that MobileX SIM card in your device.

MobileX has found a great foot in the door by partnering with Walmart. They still compete on the shelf with the likes of Boost Mobile, Verizon, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, and even AT&T, but it’s not a bad place to be.

Does the promise of AI-driven savings hold any value to you? Let us know your thoughts on the potential of a $4.08 monthly plan below.

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