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The annual iPhone launch is here, with the iPhone 15 ready to be unleashed to the world. Though you likely review options at your current carrier, Dish has found their own offer to compete with the bigger carriers. With “Infinite Access to iPhone”, Dish’s Boost Infinite wants to put an iPhone 15 Pro in your hands, and give you the new iPhone next year too. Whether you are an existing or new customer on Boost Infinite, anyone can potentially get the deal.

Boost Infinite is Dish’s new postpaid service offering. The company acquired Boost Mobile, the prepaid service, as a result of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger that went into effect in 2020. The intent was that through the deal, Dish would gradually become a competitive fourth carrier option in the United States. Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are two separate services, and a previous revision of this article indeed confused the two.

T-Mobile must provide network coverage support for wireless customers using DISH Network’s wireless service for seven years. Nearly halfway through that commitment now, it is in DISH Network’s best interest to get that ball rolling to grip a foothold in market share to truly be considered a viable fourth option.

Boost Infinite has not been making big waves thus far, but the ripples seem to be forming. The carrier recently secured Amazon as a partner to support customers purchasing wireless service.

Boost Infinite Brings You Infinite Access For iPhone

Boost details the new offer on their website. For $60 per month, Boost is giving you the Boost Infinite Unlimited rate plan, and throwing in an iPhone 15 Pro at no extra charge. The plan gives you access to the latest iPhone every year. The 15 / 15 Plus are also an option if preferred over the Pro, or the 15 Pro Max is available for $5.56 per month extra.

The best part? To get started, no trade-in is required to get the deal. Simply sign up for service, port in your number if you want, and you’re good to go. You’ll just pay the taxes up front on the price of the phone.

5G service is included on a network Boost has dubbed “America’s Smart Network”. Essentially, this refers to Boost’s access to multiple carrier partners as well as their own fledgling Dish network towers.

The breakdown of “Infinite Access to iPhone” from Boost’s website

Looking into the fine print, a ‘soft credit check’ is required for the plan. The sales tax for whichever device chosen is due up-front. The iPhone is on a 36-month finance agreement, though Boost is footing that bill within the $60 per month plan. Taxes and fees for the plan are not included in the $60 per month.

At 12 months, you can get a box to ship your iPhone back. When the new model arrives, that clock starts over. If you terminate service, the remainder of what you owe on that agreement will be due. Finally, do nothing, and that 36-month agreement will keep ticking until the device is paid off.

Other benefits are available as well. Boost Protect with AppleCare is a $12 per month add-on. Your Boost Buddy is still available to help set up your new iPhone. The unlimited plan might see slower speeds after 30GB of use per line. This de-prioritization can be a deal-breaker, so consider your data needs.

Have A Trade-In? Consider Boost Infinite+ To Save More

If you do have an eligible trade-in, you can also consider the more premium “Boost Infinite+” plan for $50, though only the base iPhone 15 is included. Any other model will cost extra. The iPhone 15 Pro is still only $4.72 per month extra on this plan, so you can still save.

The site does not detail what device models qualify for this offer. Per the site, “If your phone is in usable condition, isn’t lost or stolen, and you have turned off your phone’s anti-theft lock (Find My iPhone on Apple), it’s eligible for trade-in.” So overall, consider your mileage may vary depending on your device.

Customers interested in the deal can sign up on the Boost Infinite website or purchase service via Amazon, too.

Does a new iPhone every year for a flat rate with no trade-in entice you? Let us know your thoughts on the deal below. Is this a big step for DISH Network to throw weight into the wireless game?

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