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Back in April of 2020, T-Mobile and Sprint merged, and there was a major contingency on the terms of the merger. They had to support Dish Network in the building of a new wireless carrier. This new carrier would ‘even out’ the elimination of Sprint as a competitor in the industry, being a fourth major carrier. Dish would obtain Sprint’s prepaid mobile brand, Boost Mobile, among other prepaid assets, to the tune of $1.4 billion (and an additional $3.6 billion for spectrum).

On July 1st 2020, the transaction completed. T-Mobile now must offer network coverage for Boost subscribers for seven years, and give Dish Network the ability to purchase additional network assets T-Mobile moves on from. The clock is ticking on that support, so Dish needed to get to work.

Amazon Becomes A Storefront For Boost Infinite

Well, Dish got to work (finally), and now they are starting to make moves. It appears Amazon is offering the carrier’s major postpaid service, Boost Infinite, as of July 26th 2023.

To get started, customers can get their hands on a $20 SIM card and follow the directions within. Check out the video from the Amazon listing page.

Boost Infinite promises a $25/month (+ taxes) rate forever, so long as the plan stays active. With other carriers pushing price creep lately, this is an ambitious price and claim. The company says the service runs on “America’s top 5G network”.

It is unclear at this time just which “America’s top 5G network” that is. Dish has their own spectrum and assets to use, but they also have T-Mobile’s aforementioned support and a deal with AT&T to also share capacity. So, it could really be any of the three, or a combination. The video makes mention of “top networks”, plural, implying the combination as well.

The Rundown: Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite offers two plans.

Both plans have a de-prioritization cap at 30GB a month. This means that if you use more mobile data than that, you might experience slowdown in congested areas.

Unlimited+ also allows customers to substitute the iPhone 14 on us with a bigger 14 model for a bit extra. The Mexico and Canada also includes up to 5GB of high speed mobile data usage. The 200 destination for talk and text are fairly thorough upon review.

Boost Infinite also offers device protection for a flat $7/month for all devices. Your deductible should you use it, however, depends on the tier of device. Tiers are spread out based on full retail value of your device. Boost Infinite uses Likewize as their insurance partner and you can view more information about the full suite of services here.

Boost Infinite can support up to 5 lines of service per account. Each line pays the same flat rate, so a maxed out account of 5 lines on the Infinite Unlimited plan comes to $125/month plus taxes.

Lines can also attach add-on features, like high speed hotspot, higher data priority limits, and discounted international connectivity.

Boost Infinite also states compatibility for any unlocked phone typically made in the last 5 years, and gives examples like the iPhone XR or newer, Galaxy S20 or newer, or Pixel 5-series or newer.

Friends With Benefits

Boost Mobile isn’t just luring customers in with a great flat introductory rate for unlimited at $25/month plus taxes. There are a number of other perks the service is promoting on Amazon.

  • Amazon Prime members will be automatically qualified for Boost Infinite postpaid service
  • A $25 credit off of your first month’s bill when you activate the SIM card purchased from Amazon
  • Your very own “Boost Buddy”, personalized support for activation, service, and technology needs

Those interested in signing up for Boost Infinite can buy a SIM now on Amazon.

Is Boost Infinite “The last wireless service you will ever need” as they advertise? Let us know if the offer is enticing you and why in the comments.

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