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Recently, T-Mobile announced that TIDAL would no longer be offered as a plan benefit. T-Mobile sold their stake in the service back in in early 2021, so moving on someday seemed inevitable. In internal communications, employees were told a new benefit is coming soon, as is shown below.

The communication states instructions will be sent to customers via SMS to enroll in a new benefit on August 2nd. Everything is on schedule, and that new benefit is arriving soon.

Customers are receiving emails from TIDAL already, begging them to stay by adding a payment method.

Image from u/jonkenpachi on Reddit of an email from TIDAL

T-Mobile Axes TIDAL, Now Offering Pandora Premium

In an exclusive screenshot provided to The Mobile Report, customers who have performed Magenta Complete (T-Mobile’s transition program from the Sprint biller to T-Mobile biller systems) on select plans are eligible for Pandora Premium. They will need to be on a Plus or Premium plan to be eligible.

No matter which high-end plan, Pandora Premium, the higher of two offered Pandora plans, is locked in. A reminder that TIDAL with Sprint was tiered based on your rate plan.

There are a few key takeaways to know about the new benefit.

First, customers will have the ability to enroll in Pandora Premium “On Us” themselves until October 31, 2023. If you want to save yourself a call into customer care for a redemption code, be sure to jump on in time.

Next, there is a limit of one subscription per account. No double-dipping by claiming the benefit per line.

Finally, as expected, eligible customers who were “previously registered for the retired “On Us” benefit” are the target audience. That retired benefit is TIDAL. T-Mobile specifies that it’s possible some eligible customers won’t receive a text informing them of the new benefit, so those customers will need to contact care for their code.

It’s also worth noting that the redemption code is good for a 1-year subscription, and isn’t a perpetual “On Us” benefit. T-Mobile clarifies they will inform customers what to expect a year from now, but currently it’s not clear.

T-Mobile could potentially go two ways: either this is a slow, gradual retiring of a former Sprint benefit, or, it’s a requirement to get customers moved on from TIDAL as quick as possible while T-Mobile moves to a more permanent fix. Only time will tell.

Do you think this is a good move for customers? How does Pandora Premium compare to TIDAL for you? Let us know your thoughts below!

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