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Tello Mobile has announced some major changes to their plan offerings, and it’s a fairly major overhaul to their current pricing structure. Some plans are seeing an increase in the amount of high speed data included in the plan, and others are seeing discounts for the same amount of data. There are savings and value all around at Tello Mobile. Here are the details of the changes.

Tello Mobile is a no-contract prepaid MVNO that uses the T-Mobile network.

Tello Mobile rocket not included.

The New Value At Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile allows you to customize your plan for additional savings. All plans covered below include unlimited talk and text, though keep in mind limited minute plans are available to save you an extra buck. These changes are not promotional – they are permanent increases to the value you can get with Tello Mobile.

  • $9 per month: 1 GB Data. This plan used to be 500 MB of data, so the data allotment has been doubled.
  • $10 per month: 2GB Data. This plan is now being offered at a reduced price.
  • $14 per month: 5GB Data. This price used to be the 2GB plan, so its data has been increased.
  • $19 per month: 10GB Data. This price used to be the 5GB plan, so its data has been increased.
  • $24 per month: 15GB Data. This is a new plan announced with the other changes.
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Data. This plan is now being offered at a reduced price and brings you 35GB of high-speed data use on network. The plan still includes 5GB of hotspot for other devices.

A couple of the plans seem a bit redundant. Offering 2GB for a dollar more over the 1GB plan seems like a no-brainer. The same goes for the new 15GB and Unlimited plans being a dollar apart. Over double the high speed data for a dollar more seems like an easy dollar to spend there.

After data thresholds are met, Tello Mobile drops speeds significantly unless you renew on a new 30-day plan for more high speed data.

MVNOs have been on fire this holiday season pushing value to customers. Helium Mobile recently moved to a nationwide network. Best Buy partnered with Boost Mobile for a killer service deal. Even Xfinity Mobile still has some deals for the holidays. Now, Tello Mobile releases better value. What has your experience been with an MVNO? Let us know in the comments below.

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