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Mobile carriers are ringing in the holidays big this year. T-Mobile has also been on the offensive, giving away TVs, iPhones, and glasses in stores. Not content with physical items, T-Mobile is also digging into service offers too. One week before Thanksgiving, a new BOGO line offer released, and is currently still active.

Eligibility is also wide open on this offer, eligible customers being anyone on a postpaid plan. The only limitation is T-Mobile for business plans having to operate within the 1-12 line threshold to get the offer. That means T-Mobile ONE, Magenta, even Essentials is on board to reap the benefits.

The promo is so open, employees can also snag the deal, as well as carrier partners enrolled in a discount program through T-Mobile.

Interestingly, T-Mobile’s newest “Go5G Next” plan is also eligible for the offer, and includes an actually free line this time. Previous free lines that customers had on older plans famously ended up being $10 each per month on the Next plan, so this is a welcome change.

Currently, there is no expiration date for the promotion. Typically these offers can disappear quickly. If you are interested in the offer, it is in your best interest to move sooner rather than later.

Promotion Considerations

Since this promotion is wide open for rate plan eligibility, like always it might be worth knowing how your current plan stacks up.

If you are on a grandfathered plan, expect a conversation with a T-Mobile employee about a possible move to a Go5G plan. T-Mobile does have you covered to compare the value of their more recent plans on the website. Currently, you can compare all Go5G and Magenta variants, as well as Essentials.

Finally, a reminder that activating the service through a T-Mobile employee in customer care or in a retail location also carries the assisted support charge per line. It is still $35 plus taxes/fees per line activated.

Still in the market for a line on your account before the year is out? Let us know your thoughts on T-Mobile’s current BOGO line offer in the comments below.

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