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Trading in your old device is perhaps one of the top ways to save money on a new phone. The ones that usually give the most trade-in value (and thus the most savings) is via your carrier. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all give great trade-in deals for new phones and devices.

Verizon is slightly unique in that it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have or who made it, you can still trade it in. They’re currently running a super generous trade-in promotion that’s hard to beat, too. It’s one of the best we’ve seen yet, I’d say.

As part of its initial batch of holiday deals, Verizon is currently running a generous deal that will give you a bunch of tech for your trade-in.

For Samsung owners, you can trade in your own old Samsung phone and get in exchange a Samsung Galaxy S23+ with an Unlimited Ultimate plan, a Galaxy Watch 6, and a Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G. This is roughly $1,800 of tech by just trading in your old phone, which is a bit insane. You’ll be fully equipped with all the stuff you might need.

There is also a concurrent promotion for Pixel owners that’s very similar. If you trade in your old Pixel phone, Verizon will give you a Pixel 8 Pro with the same plan, a Pixel Watch 2, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G (missed chance to offer a Pixel Tablet there, guys). This is actually a $1,900 value rather than $1,800, but it’s a very similar package.

There are certain rules that you need to be aware of. Namely, you’ll need to either pay full price for the phone up-front or enter an installment plan, and with your trade-in, a promo credit will be applied over the course of the following 36 months to offset the cost. So you better be ready to commit to Verizon in the long term if you want to take advantage of these deals.

Snag these deals before they’re gone on Verizon’s website today.

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