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T-Mobile is planning another T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaway in stores.

In preparation for Black History Month, observed in February, T-Mobile will be giving away a notebook at your local retail store. In exclusive images obtained by The Mobile Report, we have a complete look at what you can expect when you get yours.

This will be the first physical giveaway of 2024 for the T-Mobile Tuesdays program. This will also be the first for the recently launched T-Life app, a rebranding of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app with additional features. The last physical giveaway was not too long ago: a pint glass in December.

More Than A Blank Notebook

The notebook has a few features to be more than just a simple lined notebook.

The cover design is by Sabrena Khadija. The inside cover states they are “a Maryland-based, Sierra-Leonean American artist and illustrator. As a Black non-binary artist, Sabrena takes price in creating work that helps others feel seen and inspired. Through their avid exploration of shape, color, nature, and the human spirit, they seek to create art that sparks joy and thought in meaningful and impactful ways.”

Rounding off the design is a magenta string that can stretch and hold the notebook shut. There is also a sticker page, featuring designs with inspirational messages like “Black History Every Month”, “Stronger Together”, “Afro Future”, “I Am Magic”, “Unity”, and “Power To Inspire”.

This latest item will be available February 6th. If you’d like to claim this freebie when it becomes available, download the T Life app (formerly T-Mobile Tuesdays) from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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