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To the surprise of no one, Samsung kicked of 2024 with the announcement of their annual Galaxy lineup on January 17th, the Galaxy S24 Series. The Galaxy S24 family of devices are set to launch on January 31st.

This annual releases touts Galaxy phones faster than ever with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and Galaxy AI is a major differentiator this year too, enhancing the user experience with powerful search and photo editing tools. Finally, a titanium body means a tougher than ever design built for daily life’s bumps.

T-Mobile Strikes Early With Galaxy S24 Ultra Trade Offer, But Only For Select Customers

The Mobile Report has received an exclusive image detailing the high-level information on the offer.

T-Mobile is looking to strike fast with an impressive $1,300 off the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with an eligible trade-in. This is, annoyingly, another “targeted offer” that only select customers will be able to take advantage of, and we don’t yet know how “targeted” it will be. Keep an eye out – those lucky customers will be notified via SMS or email from T-Mobile starting February 2nd.

Who’s Eligible?

According to sources, the offer will target customers that are currently using an older Galaxy Note series device. This includes devices from the Galaxy Note 8 through to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The list of eligible trade-in devices is pretty short, as shown below. Customers will need to trade in one of these devices to get the deal.

Here are the requirements for claiming the offer:

  • You must be “targeted”. Theoretically, the only way to know you’re targeted is via a text on February 2nd.
  • A trade-in is required to get the credit. You’ll need to trade in a Galaxy Note device between the 8 series and the 20 Ultra, as seen in the image above.
  • Customers are required to be on, or switch to, the Go5G Plus or Go5G Next rate plan.
  • The $1,300 is offered over time – customers receive the base value for the trade-in of their device, and the remainder of the $1300 is split over 24 months of ‘recurring device credits’. The credits offset the equipment installment plan on the bill over the 24 month period. Leaving T-Mobile early will cause you to forfeit any remaining credit, and the rest of the price of the device will be due.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup is 5G compatible, ready to take on T-Mobile’s crazy network speeds. It’s unusual for T-Mobile to have such a specific targeted offer – perhaps T-Mobile (or Samsung) wants to get customers off the old Note line and onto the new “Ultra” line of devices. $1,300 is certainly one way to do it.

Are you getting your hands on one this year? Let us know what has you interested in the S24 family in the comments below.

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